Life is about balance, not restrictions.

What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching is a 6 Month highly individualized approach to Holistic Health.  Through Health Coaching together we will find new methods and approaches to health that when practiced can remain realistic and sustainable.  


We will meet 2 times a month for 50 minutes per session where we will discuss your progress and make any adjustments required to your individual holistic health program. 


On top of either face to face meetings, video, or phone meetings you are encouraged to send unlimited emails as questions may arise. 


Based on your individual needs we may explore alternative methods of healing such as meditation, yoga, fitness, and even specific group sessions covering topics like organic foods, protein options, etc, and grocery store tours too.


At our initial FREE Health History meeting to determine if we are a good match, we will begin the process of building a program best suited for your needs. 


At the end of 6 months you should have created new and sustainable habits encouraging your good overall health.

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